"Our mission is to promote professional excellence, by building individuals who can serve their organizations and society with vision, creativity, competence and integrity."
Dr. Austin Tam-George
Founder/Executive Director, ICCS

Our Mission:

ICCS recognizes the need for a different kind of work ethic and leadership in Nigeria. Our mission is to respond to this need by building individuals who can serve their organizations and society with creativity, competence and integrity.

Our trainers are recognized experts in their fields who share a strong commitment to train people who can re-create the workplace through professionalism and innovativeness.

How We Work:

ICCS organizes in-house trainings where we meet the individuals and work teams that form the core of an organization’s value chain. We also organize open interactive seminars, self-help sessions and community-level engagements. Our training courses are tailored to address the specific capacity gaps that exist in organizations and communities.

Our Methods of Training:

  • Our intensive short-duration courses are particularly useful for managers, executives and others who cannot afford to be away from work for an extended period of time.
  • The delivery of ICCS programmes are in 3 (three) phases, namely: the pre-training phase, the training phase, and the post-training phase.
  • Community-level engagements follow an even more inclusive process.
  • Certificate is awarded at the end of a course.



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