Center for Community Diplomacy and Sustainable Development


This is a specialized unit of ICCS that focuses on organizing community-based workshops on local content issues, negotiation and consensus building , mass enlightenment campaigns, community leadership training, and other activities that help build local capacity for sustainable development. 

Center for Crisis and Risk Communication


The primary aim of this Center is to develop and deploy specialized communication and advocacy strategies appropriate for periods of crisis and risk, such as environmental disasters, health hazards and pandemics, flooding, reputational crisis, etc. The work of the Center underlines the critical role of communication in periods of crisis and high risk

Center for Educational Management


At this Center, we provide the professional expertise that help underperforming schools to achieve standard performance. We focus on innovative learning methodologies, curriculum design, staff recruitment, development and supervision. We help build educational partnerships, and adopt a learner-centered approach to produce outstanding results

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