Essentials of Public and Government Affairs Management

Public speaking sometimes terrifies even the most confident managers. A rambling and incoherent presentation due to poor preparation and stage fright could undermine the credibility and authority of a manager.

But stage fright is not a medical pathology and can be overcome through professional communication training.

In this intensive and practical course, managers will learn how to convert stage fright into stage energy and make resoundingly successful public presentations.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Strategies in public speaking
  • Audience and audience analysis
  • Stage fright and nerve control
  • Building speaker-listener affinity
  • Research and public speaking
  • Mastering power point presentations
  • Managing a hostile audience
  • Understanding charisma
  • Building a speaker’s ethos
  • Speaking and the vocabulary of persuasion

Methods of Delivery

  • Presentations
  • Practical work
  • Role play
  • Video recording and play back
  • Case studies

Course Fee: N200, 000 per participant