Fundamentals of Corporate Reputation Management

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For many globally respected brands, building a positive public perception of the company is seen as important as making profits.

As organizations commit to socially responsible business practices, it is important to integrate public relations and reputation management as part of a holistic strategy for success.

In this special programme, participants will learn the changing contexts of public relations practice in Africa’s biggest economy. The strategies for managing corporate reputation will be discussed using the case method. 

The course is recommended for PR managers, relationship managers, corporate affairs managers, media relations managers, brand managers, project managers, investment managers and other professionals who are concerned with managing public perceptions of their organizations.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Public relations and reputation management: strategies, benefits and pitfalls.
  • Skills in media relations
  • Turning negative perception around
  • Ethics in PR practice
  • Reputational risks and benefits of corporate philanthropy
  • PR and social marketing
  • PR in host communities
  • PR and regulatory oversight

Methods of Delivery

  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Role play
  • Interactive sessions
  • Course Fee: N220, 000 per participant.