Optimizing Team Building and Crew Leadership in the Work Place

Workers are an organization’s most precious resource. When they work in a team, workers tend to be more effective in their job roles. 

But teams are not formed simply by banding workers together. They must be motivated to support, respect and see the best in each other. They must recognize that, in the end, the success of the organization depends on this essential spirit of cooperation and team work.

The main aim of this seminar is to train managers, supervisors and team leaders in organizations on the critical skills they need to build team cohesion and drive up staff effectiveness.

Other objectives are:

  • To sensitize participants on the importance of social intelligence in staff relations in the work place.
  • To re-train supervisors and managers on how to energize staff for better performance.
  • To train participants on the techniques and vocabulary of work place motivation.
  • Topics to be covered include:
  • Strategies in Team Building
  • Impediments to effective work place relations
  • Communication style and team cohesion
  • Emotional Intelligence in staff relations
  • Setting team goals and monitoring performance
  • Rethinking staff motivation
  • Communicating decisively

Methods of Delivery

  • Presentations
  • Practical/Interactive Sessions.
  • Role play.

Who Should Attend:

  • Heads of departments and units
  • Public relations managers
  • Marketing and brand managers
  • Customer relations managers
  • Corporate affairs managers
  • Heads of NGO’s
  • HR/staff development managers
  • Union leaders
  • Heads of departments/ institutions
  • Staff of all related departments

Course Fee: N200, 000 (Fee includes breakfast, course materials, and lunch.)