Political Communication and Messaging Strategies

There is tremendous hunger for issue-based politics in Nigeria. Citizens feel a need to engage with political parties on the critical issues that affect their lives. Political actors can respond to this need by framing their political vision and messages in a clear, coherent and programmatic fashion.

The focus of this course is to build the capacity of political actors to develop, compose and effectively communicate their ideas to audiences across the country.

Other objectives are:

  • To help rebuild the social contract between politicians and the public they seek to serve.
  • To encourage issue-based and participatory politics in Nigeria.
  • To sensitize politicians to develop ideologically-grounded politics
  • To encourage civil debate and political accountability
  • Focus of the training will include:
  • Ideology, politics and social change
  • Manifestoes and programmes
  • Political outreach and messaging techniques
  • Rallies and ‘retail’ politics
  • Working with the media
  • Politics, debate and critical listening
  • Ethics in politics
  • Understanding inclusive political vocabulary
  • Identifying and framing the issues

Talk To Us Today

  • This programme is a social responsiveness project of the Institute of Communication and Corporate Studies, Lagos.
  • Participants in this programme will be drawn from across party lines, and the training will hold in selected geo-political zones in Nigeria.
  • Sponsors, partners and donor agencies willing to support the programme:
  • Email: iccng@gmail.com